What are the advantages of infrared heating?

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With the development of technology and society, more and more poultry farms don’t apply traditional heating methods, like coal, burning wood. New type of environment-frinedly gas heater is increasingly popular. DO12 poultry farm gas heater could use propane or natural gas, meeting the demands of protecting environment and saving energy. It is a wise choice for poultry farmers.

What is the DO12 poultry farm gas heater?

This new type of poultry farm gas heater was researched and developed by DAOU (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. This heater has features of heating efficiently, safety gas valve, controling tempertature automatically, etc. The DO12 gas brooder heater is suitable for using in pig farm, chicken farm, and other poultry farms.

DO12 gas heater

DO12 gas heater

What do you know about the infrared heating method applied in DO12 gas heater?

As an efficient non-contact heating, infrared heating has been widely used in all aspects of industrial manufacturing. What exactly is infrared heating technology? What are the differences and advantages of infrared heating compared to other heating methods?

​What is infrared?

Infrared is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength from 1mm to 760nm, which is between microwave and visible light, and is a non-visible light with a longer wavelength than red light.
Any substance above absolute zero (-273.15°C) can generate infrared rays. In other words, infrared rays can transmit thermal energy. For example, the heat of the sun is mainly transmitted to the earth through infrared rays.

Infrared heating principle

As we all know, there are three ways of heat transfer, namely heat conduction, heat radiation and heat convection. Infrared heating is one of the thermal radiations. After the radiation source is heated, its internal energy is converted into radiation energy, which is transmitted to the heated object through infrared rays. That’s the process of infrared heating.
According to the size of the wavelength, infrared can divide into short-wave infrared, medium-wave infrared and long-wave infrared. The infrared radiation generated by any object above absolute zero covers the entire infrared wavelength range, but the position of the peak of the radiation is different according to the temperature of the radiation source. The higher the temperature of the radiation source, the shorter the peak wavelength of its radiation.

DO12 gas heater structure

DO12 gas heater structure

Infrared heating technology features

Infrared heating is a non-contact heating process in which the internal energy of a radiation source is converted into radiation energy for heat transfer. Compared with other heating methods, infrared heating has the following characteristics:

High thermal efficiency

Usually, the conversion efficiency of infrared heating sources is more than 90%, and the heating efficiency is high, which reduces electricity expenses and energy loss.

Heat can penetrate into the heated object to avoid instant overheating of the surface

Infrared heating is radiant heating, which does not produce strong heat exchange on the surface of the object being heated. It can also avoid smoke and surface damage when using contact heating such as hot plate heating.

Easy to install

The infrared heater only needs to be fixedly installed and provided with gas. It requires no other mechanical structure. And the installation cost is reduced.