DAOU Farm Gas Space Heater DO76 Project

发布时间: 2022-07-11 11:41:07

DAOU researched and produced the space heater DO76 for poultry farm warming. It has 76KW working power, and it could introduce new air from the room outside and have better heating efficiency. Recently, DAOU produced hundreds of stainless steel customized DO76 farm gas space heaters for a pig farm project in Southwest China. Here is a short video of the project.

Datasheet of DO76

Gas Type
Propane Natural Gas
Gas Pressure 22-55 mbar 17-25 mbar
Maximum Power 76kw 76kw
Gas Flow 5.4kg/h 6.3m3/h
Air Flow 1700m³/h
Voltage 230VAC-50hz
Electric Power 470w
Way Of Control Constant temperature automatic start-stop
Security Control flameout, overheating and airflow protection
Net Weight 50kg
Dimension 903*618*536mm
Material Galvanized
Installation Way inside/outside by chain/shelve

Install video of DO76 Farm Gas Space Heater Project

And read the website for more details about poultry house gas heater.