DAOU poultry house heater exported to South Africa

发布时间: 2022-03-22 13:47:03

Last December, we received an inquiry from a South Africa customer.

Case details about South Africa ordering DO66 gas heater

12 DO66 poultry house heater

12 DO66 poultry house heater

He said that he saw the introduction about DAOU poultry house heater on social media, and he was interested. So he contacted us for more information. Our sale staff introduced the DAOU gas heater DO12, gas heater DO66, and others to the customer. After learning about the chicken farm details of the customer, we recommended our DO66 poultry house heater to him. And then we asked what other demands did he has, for we could provide customize service about the logo, the inner part of machine, and we had propane gas heater, natural gas heater for choice. The customer finally ordered 12 DO66 propane gas heaters. But for he wanted to make some changes about the chicken farms, he may need the heater one or two month later. So we delivered him the goods in February this year. At the start of March, he receivered the heaters. And our sale staff arranged our technical engineers to guide the customer to install machines through video meeting. Several days later, the customer feedbacked that the machine worked well and he prepared to order more DO12 gas heaters in winter.

Features of DAOU poultry house heater DO66

poultry house heater

poultry house heater

Multiple heating methods (propane, natural gas)

PLC control panel

Overheating protection

Heating fast