DAOU ventilation heat exchanger DO7500 is used to discharge the exhaust air in the chick farm and keep the heat from loss at the same time.

    It can provide cleaner air for poultry houses and chick farms.

    The heat recovery rate can reach 60%~80%.

    The ventilation volume is 7500m³/h.


Poultry/animal farm

Chicken House

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How is DAOU ventilation heat exchanger? Short description

DAOU produced the air exchanger with new technology for a better environment in chick farms.


Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Material: carbon steel, Polymer

Advanced high-quality EC fan

Positioned outside the building, with windbags inside the room

heat recovery exchanger features

heat recovery exchanger features

ventilation heat exchanger structure

ventilation heat exchanger structure

DO7500 Air Exchanger Functions

  1. Energy-saving
    This air exchanger uses advanced EC fans, which only consume small electricity.
  2. Average ventilation
    Through windbags, the exchanged new air could go inside every corner of chick farms.
  3. Avoid cold stimulation
    The exchanger could keep the heated temperature of new air and reduce the possibility of diseases.
  4. Improving production
    The heat exchanger could increase the temperature by 5~10℃ on the farm, making it easier to keep warm, and improving egg production.
11 wind bags

11 wind bags

ventilation heat exchanger operate

ventilation heat exchanger operates

Advantages of exchanger

  • Heat conduct principle

It exchanges the new air of low temperature, with the exhaust air of high temperature. So the new air goes inside farms with heat kept.

  • Heat exchange core

The equipment works with high efficient exchange core, which is a patent of DAOU company.

  • France technology support
  • DO2000 environmental controller
DO2000 environmental controller

DO2000 environmental controller

DAOU heat recovery exchanger operate

DAOU heat recovery exchanger operate

DO7500 Heat Exchanger Diameter

Heat recovery rate 60~80%
Ventilation volume 7500m³/h
Fan Power 304*4=1216W
Fan type advanced EC fan
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Installation size outside foundation 2*2.1㎡
Equipment material carbon steel, Polymer
Windbag φ50cm, fire resistant


1. What is the MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

One exchanger.

2. What’s the warranty of the machine?

One year.

3. Could make our brand on your product?

Yes. We can print your logo on both the product and package if you can meet our MOQ.

4. What’s the delivery time of this product?

It’s for about one month.

5. How to guarantee the quality of your product?

1) Strict detection during production.

2) Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.

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