DAOU Chick farm gas brooder was applied to heating poultry farm floor rearing.
    It saves energy. LPG propane gas 0.473kg/h, natural gas 0.1m³/h.
    It covers 50㎡, about 1500 chicks just born.
    This brooder heats fast with the infrared heating method.
    Adjust with temperature thermostat.


Poultry/animal farm
Chicken house
Piglet building
Agricultural warehouse

Custom Options:

    Propane LPG, natural gas, logo, package

How to operate the gas brooder? Watch YouTube Video

DAOU broiler house infrared gas brooder was invented and manufactured by DAOU Shanghai company, with advanced French technology, for heating animal farms, agricultural warehouses, and greenhouses. This progressive heating brooder is easy to operate, could place inside the farm buildings, and has a lot of features.

What is DAOU farm gas brooder? Simple description

DAOU produces two kinds of gas brooders, which have a lot in common. The only difference is the temperature thermostat.

Fuel: LPG or natural gas
Power: 6.5KW
Material: AISI 304 stainless steel chassis
High-quality refractory stainless steel burner
Safety gas valve with thermocouple
Air filter with no exhaust gas
Progressive brooder: one controller in charge of 1-20 brooders
Install inside chick farm

Chicken farm infrared heater Advantages

  1. Automatic temperature control
    The brooder default heats to 32-39℃. And customers could also choose the gas brooder Plus with a temperature adjusting thermostat.
    temp thermostat

    temp thermostat

  2. High-temperature resistance
    The stainless steel material could stand high temperatures, and keep people and animals from hurt.


  3. Heating quickly
    The special design of the reflector(without opening) and burner (closed centralized deflector) gives efficient infrared radiation.
  4. Better air on the farm
    The gas brooder could be placed inside farm buildings.
    It uses an air filter to reduce exhaust from gas burning.
    Improve the production performance of livestock and poultry.
    Create a better life for the animals.
    air filter

    air filter

  5. 50m²(φ7m)heating area comfortably
    The central heat area does not overheat the animals(12℃ lower than other brooders)
    The outside heat area contains a comfortable temperature (2℃ higher than other brooders)
    An improvement in degree/m² of more than 6% per m²
    The top of the building is not too hot(9 ℃ lower than other brooders)
  6. Homogeneity and uniformly heating
    Larger heat diffusion: effective heat in all directions.
  7. Less gas consumption
    It saves energy. LPG propane gas 0.473kg/h, natural gas 0.1m³/h.

Datasheet: poultry house infrared gas brooder

    Propane Propane thermostat Natural gas
Brooder reference   DO6500A DO6500A+ DO6500AN
Power Watt 600-6500
Gas connection   1/2”
Gas consumption/flow kg/h 0.473 0.473  
Gas consumption/flow m³/h     0.1
Gas pressure Mbar 20-1400 500-1400 8-270
Nozzle reference   53 53 53
Net weight kg 2 2.8 2


  • What is the MOQ(minimum order quantity)?
    4 or 5 brooders according to brooder model.
  • What’s the warranty of the gas brooder(poultry heater)?
    One year
  • Could make our brand on your product?
    Yes. We can print your logo on both the product and package if you can meet our MOQ.
  • What’s the delivery time of this brooder?
    It’s about one week for a small quantity.
  • How to guarantee the quality of your product?
    1) With strict detection during production.
    2) Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.
  • How many chicks can one brooder cover?
    We cover around 7 meters diameter of very good heat, it’s around 1500 small chicks just born.

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