How to Install Infrared Gas Brooder?

发布时间: 2022-09-02 15:38:09

Firstly, put the cover on the body of the infrared gas brooder.
Secondly, put the filter on the brooder.

Details about the heater infrared gas brooder location

-Each building has its own characteristics that may depend on local conditions that considerably influence heat requirements.
-Heat requirement must be calculated by a heating engineer. The necessary heat input must be adapted to the specifications of the building and the animals.
-The farm gas brooder must be mounted horizontally or at a little angle.

-Keep the air inlet and air outlet free of obstructions.
-It is necessary to have a minimum space around the heater in order to have good airflow and sufficient space for maintenance.
-Fit a gas filter in the supply line.
-Suspension by 2 independent chains

Measured from:


Ceiling 24 600


Floor 47


Animals must not be able to be in contact with the brooder

It is recommended to put the brooder at around 1.20m in height from the animals