Infrared Gas Brooders Delivered to India

发布时间: 2022-03-30 14:02:03

“These brooder heaters work well, and I don’t need to worry about the chicken house will be cold at night.”Mr.Kumar said.

Information about DAOU infrared gas brooder in India

Kumar has three chicken farms. Last October, he saw the brooder introduction on the website and contacted the sales staff. Learning about the details about the infrared gas brooder, the customer ordered four brooders for use. After Kumar receiving the products, our sales staff arranged our technical engineers to guide him how to use the equipment. 

“It has great heating effect, and the operation is easy. I want to buy more brooders for my farms.” Kumar feedbacked this to our sales staff on January this year. This time, Mr.Kumar ordered more than 40 brooders. And he said he was preparing to recommend this brooder to his friends.

DO12 infrared gas heater2

DO12 infrared gas heater2

FAQ about DO12 gas heating machine

★Can this brooder use electricity or propane gas(LPG)?

It use propane or natural gas.

★How many square meters can one brooder heat?

About 70 ㎡.

★What is the heating temperature when it is working?

The infrared DO12 gas brooder can reach 60℃. Can the heating temperature can adjust.

★What is the gas consumption?

The brooder consumes propane gas 0.8kg/h, natural gas 0.2m³/h.

infrared gas brooder2

infrared gas brooder2