DAOU gas blower provides consistent, dependable heat that helps control poultry building temperature.

    The maximum heating power is 130KW.

    DO130 hot air gas blower is energy-saving. Gas consumption: LPG 3.9-9.3kg/h, natural gas 4.4-10.3m³/h.

    One gas blower covers 600-800㎡.


Poultry/animal farm

Chicken house


Agricultural warehouse

Custom Options:

    Propane LPG, natural gas, power, logo, package

An Operation Video about DAOU Livestock House Gas Blower – Youtube Video

What do you know about DAOU Hot Air Gas Blower?

DAOU has two types of gas blowers. They have different power. And the operation steps are the same.


  • Fuel: LPG or natural gas
  • Power: 130KW, 45KW
  • Material: AISI 304 Stainless steel chassis or galvanized
  • 5 safety protection(fan switch, flame sensor, grounding protection, overheating thermostat, solenoid gas valve)
  • Automatic ignition
  • Positioned inside or outside the building

DAOU Livestock House Gas Blower Features

  • Two modes: heating/ventilation mode

In the winter, the farmer can use the heating mode for heating; while in summer, he can switch to the fan mode for ventilation.
DAOU gas blower DO130 can be used in all poultry production environments and phases including breeding, laying, and meat-bird production.

  • ON/OFF space heater

It can stop automatically when the poultry heater reaches the set temperature and starts automatically when it’s lower than the set temperature.
DO130 poultry heater is super powerful that one unit can cover around 800㎡ meanwhile providing good heat homogeneity to the chicks. 

  • Waterproof electric box
control panel

control panel


Advantages of DAOU Poultry Space Heater DO130

1 Easy and convenient installation

This gas blower could be installed inside the poultry farm, on the floor, or hanging.

2 Easy to move

DAOU gas blower has wheels. The customer could move this heating blower inside farm house conveniently.

3 High fuel efficiency

DAOU gas blower DO130 is a kind of direct-fired heater, the fuel efficiency can reach 99.9%.

4 Fuel-saving

The automatic ignition function could save fuel for the user. And the manager of the chick farm doesn’t need to check the temp at night.

5 Self-diagnostic

With a built-in diagnostic feature, it can give information to the user when fault.

6 High quality

The DAOU gas blower is researched and produced by the DAOU company, with advanced French technology. The product is identified with CE certification.

7 Complete after-sales service

The technical engineers of DAOU provide installation design for ordered blowers of large quantities. And DAOU also provides logo customization services. The customer could print their logo on the DAOU gas blower.

DAOU gas blower package

DAOU gas blower package


Datasheet of DAOU Hot Air Gas Blower

Model DO 130 DO45
Gas consume max 9.3kg/h 10.6m³/h 3.1kg/h 3.6m³/h
Gas consume mini 3.9kg/h 4.4m³/h 1kg/h 1.1m³/h
Power max 130kw 45kw
Power mini 54kw 18kw
Heating area 1000㎡ 300㎡
Airflow 4000m³/h 900m³/h
Voltage 220V AC  50/60Hz
Temperature put out 66-160℃
Control mode ON/OFF
Safety device waterproof electric box, overheating thermostat, flame sensor, control box
Material stainless steel/galvanized
Installation positioned inside or outside the building
Dimension 122*90*56cm 74*37*67cm
Net weight 45kg 20kg
Package Wood box



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