DAOU poultry house gas heater DO-66 is an automatic direct-fired space heater.

    It can provide consistent, dependable heat that helps warm the pig farm, poultry house, and greenhouse.

    The space heater saves energy. Gas consumption: LPG propane gas 4.8kg/h, natural gas 6.2m³/h.

    One gas heater covers 250-400㎡. 


Poultry/animal farm

Chicken house

Piglet building (nursery room, farrowing room)


Agricultural warehouse

Custom Options:

    Propane LPG, natural gas, power, logo, package

Learn how to operate DAOU Poultry House Gas heater – Youtube Video

What is a DAOU gas heater? Simple introduction

DAOU produces two kinds of gas heaters, which have a lot in common. The most important difference is the heating power.

Fuel: LPG or natural gas

Power: 66KW, 76KW

Material: AISI 304 Stainless steel chassis or galvanized

5 safety protection(fan switch, flame sensor, grounding protection, overheating thermostat, solenoid gas valve)

Automatic ignition

Positioned inside or outside the building

Chicken house space heater Features

1. Safety Operation

  1. The poultry house gas heater will stop heating automatically when there is a malfunction in the machine.
  2. When the fan stops at fault, the machine will stop heating. (fan switch)
  3. When the machine can’t ignite at fault, the machine will stop. (flame sensor)
  4. The machine conforms to EN electric standards. If there is a fault in the electricity, the machine will stop. (grounding protection)
  5. When the machine heats to over 150℃ in fault, the machine will stop. (overheating thermostat)
  6. If the electrical power is cut, the machine will stop. (solenoid gas valve)

2. Automatic Ignition

Set the heating temp through the control panel, and turn on the heater. If the ambient temperature is below the set value, the machine starts to heat automatically. And it will stop heating and maintains that temperature when reaching the set value.

3. Introducing new air

Of the two kinds of gas heaters, the 76KW heater has higher power and better heating efficiency with introducing new air from outside.

gas heater 76KW features

gas heater 76KW features


Poultry House Gas Heater Advantages

1. Easy and convenient installation

This gas heater has a foursquare shape and could be installed with a chain, support, or movable tools.

2. High fuel efficiency

DAOU gas heater DO66 is a kind of direct-fired heater, the fuel efficiency can reach 99.9%.

3. Fuel-saving

The automatic ignition function could save fuel for the user. And the manager of the chick farm doesn’t need to check the temp at night.

4. Self-diagnostic

With a built-in diagnostic feature, it can give information to the user when fault.

5. High quality

The DO66 gas heater is researched and produced by the DAOU company, with advanced French technology. The product is identified with CE certification.

6. Complete after-sales service

The technical engineers of DAOU provide installation design for ordered heaters of large quantities. And DAOU also provides logo customization services. A customer could print their logo on the DAOU gas heater.

Poultry farm gas heater Parameter

    propane natural gas biogas
Electric connection   230V  50/60Hz    
Gas connection   1/2”    
Normal power KW PCI 66 66 45
Normal power KW PCS 73 73 49
Gas flow kg/h 4.8    
Gas flow m³/h   6.2 12
Gas pressure Mbar 25-55 17-25 20-30
Increase of temperature For 10 ℃ air 120 120 100
Net weight kg 55 55 55


  1. What is the MOQ(minimum order quantity)?
    4 heaters.
  2. What’s the warranty of the poultry heater?
    One year.
  3. Could make our brand on your product?
    Yes. We can print your logo on both the product and package if you can meet our MOQ.
  4. What’s the delivery time of this brooder?
    It’s about one week for a small quantity.
  5. How to guarantee the quality of your product?
    1) Strict detection during production.
    2) Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.
  6. How many square meters can one heater cover?

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